Cases – now with trophies!

New version of Cases just got released and it adds support of GameJolt’s trophy system to the game!

Yes, that means you can level up on GameJolt by resolving spooky mysteries of the town of Coleford.

Full changelog looks like this:

  • Trophy Update! Added support for GameJolt’s trophy system and 7 achievements (more coming!),
  • Made BlackCode logo at the beginning of the game much cooler,
  • Few small improvements.

Click here to download Cases for Windows!

Update for Cases

We’ve found the source code for Cases on Macron’s computer, so here you go – an update 🙂 It’s not anything actually new, we’ve just fixed a few things:

  • Removed chainsaw tool and changed overall tool mechanics a bit.
  • Few bugs fixed.
  • Console window finally hidden.

But if you haven’t checked out Cases yet, you should definetely do it, get it from it’s page on the top of the website 🙂