Windows support!

The new Kamil the Cat on Windows!

The new Kamil the Cat on Windows!

You probably had no idea about that before, but due to a few problems with Lua not being really friendly with MinGW and SFML (the coding stuff we use) we haven’t managed to run the game on Windows… until today!

The game worked fine on Linux the whole time ’cause configuration is much easier there. I’m using Linux as my main OS so that was not a big deal for me, but Macron had to use a virtual machine just to be able to code our game. And today he has managed to find a combination of stuff that works! Yay!

Also, check out the screenshot above. Looks good, doesn’t it?

Kamil the Cat’s… kitchen graphics evolution!


Huzzah! Evolution of Kamil the Cat’s kitchen graphics!
From the top:
– The Unbelievable Adventures of Kamil the Cat (released Aug 2013)
– Kamil the Cat 2 (unreleased, screenshot from 2014)
– New Kamil the Cat game (name subject to change, work-in-progress from right now!)

I hope you guys think that the bottom one is the best too. I got rid of the pseudo-perspective I was trying to achieve in 2014 and it looks like it was a good choice.
All the graphics are being made in Inkscape from scratch (except the fonts which are either free as in free beer, or free as in freedom).

Also, there are two easter eggs hidden in the bottommost shot.

Stay tuned for more updates!