About us

Who are we?

BlackCode Studio is a Polish group of people who enjoy creating stuff. We are very known and famous thanks to our Kamil the Cat series.

Who literally are we?

Main team

Kacper “kacperski1” Herchel is one of the two programmers, also the creator of Kamil the Cat’s universe. He also does graphics, sound and mapping stuff and, well, lots more… yup, that’s how it works when you don’t have enough people. Also, that’s me, but when I write this in 3rd person it sounds much better.

Maciej “Macron” Ziółkowski is the second programmer. He’s kinda genius at alghoritms (I mean really, wouldn’t do much without him) and draws really good moustaches (but nothing else). He does mapping stuff too, and is really good at yelling at people. Thanks Macron.

More people

Grzegorz “zabujca405” Bąkowski recorded music for every Kamil the Cat game made yet. Probably not the upcoming one though. Also, the misspelling in his nickname is meant to be there, so don’t worry, Polish grammar nazis.

Arkadiusz “Victorion” Victor created sounds for the first Kamil the Cat games (yup, the alarm clock sound was his voice). Also does some testing.

Kamil “skdw” Górzyński is important when it comes to special effects and overall video editing. I should write some more information here, so let’s also say that doesn’t like pierogi. What a weirdo. Doing less stuff with us since he moved to another town.

Hubert “Umberto” Mazur is our beta-tester, also helped with graphics for Superhero Defeated. Likes football way too much.

VeesmineVee made the graphics for Cases. Great title by the way, you should check it.

How to contact us?

You can use our contact(swirly-thing)blackco.de e-mail address.

Also, if you want to say something to only one of us, you can use one of these addresses:

  • kacperski1(that-thing-again)blackco.de for kacperski1
  • macron(-at-)blackco.de for MacronCPP

(but still better use the main contact address, then the chance that we’ll see your message is a lot bigger 🙂 )