Talking animation in KTC2

We’ve finally made some progress in Kamil the Cat 2! This time we’ve added talking animations, reaaaally improved normal animations, made a lot of changes to the message system and finished few more maps ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, the mouth graphic is a placeholder, Macron made it.

Look at that living room. It’s beautiful.

Sup. I came back from Niechorze a few days ago and finished the graphics for another room in Kamil the Cat 2.

It’s not scripted yet. To be honest, I haven’t even put it in the game, but that’s about 5 minutes of work so don’t worry.

How many easter eggs can you spot? (click to enlarge)

I’m an idiot.

I’ve just realised thatย I lost the super-cute cat graphic from previous post because it didn’t save correctly.

Well, working on a placeholder right now…

What’s done? [17.07.2014]

Woop woop, looks like bathroom level is really close to completion. Yes, I know it was close to completion almost a week ago, but this time it’s like… you know, for real.

Also, Macron is on vacation for the next 2 weeks, Orisagi for the next week and I’ll absent for 14 days from 01.08. Going somewhere close to the Baltic Sea.

Bathroom level WIP