New logo

Aw yisssss… The website finally looks at least kind of modern.

I am aware of the fact that basically no one will ever read this.

Hello there.

Hotfix for Cases

The last version of Cases may have not been working on some of your machines. That’s because with the addition of GameJolt’s trophy system, the game started requiring MSVCR120.dll to run.

We forgot to include it, so if you didn’t have MS Visual C++ Redist installed, the game probably didn’t work for you. Now it should work flawlessly 🙂

Download it in the game’s section on the top of the page.

Another map!?

Yup, almost finished. Here’s a screenshot of the work-in-progress.

Some information is censored because of plot reasons :D

Some information is censored because of plot reasons :D

Sorry for no more information, but it’s almost midnight and I’d like to go to sleep 🙂

Anyway, that was a quick update of what are we doing.

Kamil the Cat gets a kitchen!

Sup, kacperski1 again. We haven’t been posting anything in a quite long time, but that doesn’t mean we were just sitting there doing nothing!

We’ve added about 4 new, scripted levels – 1 of them has also almost finished graphics, and the graphics for another one are in the works.

So what exactly is that “one of levels” that’s close to being finished? Well, if you’ve seen the title of this news you may have guessed correctly – it’s the kitchen!


Talking animation in KTC2

We’ve finally made some progress in Kamil the Cat 2! This time we’ve added talking animations, reaaaally improved normal animations, made a lot of changes to the message system and finished few more maps 🙂

Yes, the mouth graphic is a placeholder, Macron made it.