Our new website is here!

That’s right, our new website is finally on under the awesome BlackCo.de address. Well, actually it was on since yesterday, but its theme was so bad I had to change it – and here it is!

The first post shouldn’t be so short, so let me add a little news here:

Our current project is Kamil the Cat 2. Yes, it still is. Remember the concept that KTC2 will be a top-down adventure game? Well, you probably don’t, but that’s even better – because we’ve completely rejected that idea. Yes, it seemed cool in the beginning of the development, but we’ve later discovered that this just wasn’t the same Kamil the Cat. And that even Kamil the Cat’s Unbelievable Party wasn’t that Kamil the Cat.

That’s why we’ve restarted the project, got the idea from our first Kamil the Cat game, improved it a little bit and boom! Point-and-click Kamil the Cat adventure game!

Oh and also, there is a big chance we will need voice actors, because English isn’t our native language and while I can write using it pretty good, talking isn’t a good idea. So, if anyone is interested, message us by the contact form which will soon appear at the top of the page or use the universal email address – contact@blackco.de

The only requirements are a fairly good microphone and including a voice sample to the message (if you don’t know what to say – “I love pancakes. Do you love pancakes?” is a really good idea). Also remember that we don’t make any money from the game, so unfortunately you also won’t become any richer, sorry.

So that’s all for now, if you’ve read this whole thing – wow.