Some information

Sup. I know that not many people actually read anything that’s posted here, but maybe, just maybe someone is reading this. And maybe that person’s like “Why isn’t anything happening?“.

Well, there’s a reason for this which I’ve actually said about before, but I’m going to repeat that because of reasons. We’re on vacation right now – like everyone:

  • I’m in Niechorze until ~14.08
  • skdw is in… ummm… somewhere in Slovakia. If I remember correctly. Don’t know until when.
  • Hell knows where Macron is, but he’s also away.
  • Orisagi is on some drawing-themed summer camp until ~14.08

So you can guess that not much happened recently. But Macron has been playing with OpenGL and 3D stuff a little and he made that cool dungeon-thing (graphics are placeholders):

ktclit_1 ktclit_2

(sorry for the colors, Macron forgot to turn Flux off)