kacperski1 is in for Ludum Dare 30!

Yes, another time the creators of The Unbelievable Adventures of Kamil the Cat, Kamil the Cat’s Unbelievable Party, Simplified, Cases and the upcoming Kamil the Cat 2 are in! And we are very modest, why would you even think that we’re not!?

But this time we have a planned a little challenge. I mean me and Macron.

We’ll create 2 separate games. Maybe even for the Compo instead of Jam, but it depends if 2 days are enough. Anyway, the tradition says that now I should write down what software are we going to use, so let’s do that:

  • Language – C++
  • Engine – SFML 2.1
  • Art – Photoshop, Inkscape, Paint (for placeholders)
  • Animation – Flash, Anime Studio
  • Sounds & Music – FL Studio, Audacity, SFXR

And other things: (this applies to me, I have no idea what Macron’s gonna listen to/eat/drink)

  • Listening to – System of a Down, Kontrust (using the best player available – AIMP3)
  • Eating – toasts, instant soups, some normal food for dinner
  • Drinking – Dr Pepper

Anyway, I’d like to say good luck to everyone participating in the 30th Ludum Dare 🙂