Kamil the Cat gets a kitchen!

Sup, kacperski1 again. We haven’t been posting anything in a quite long time, but that doesn’t mean we were just sitting there doing nothing!

We’ve added about 4 new, scripted levels – 1 of them has also almost finished graphics, and the graphics for another one are in the works.

So what exactly is that “one of levels” that’s close to being finished? Well, if you’ve seen the title of this news you may have guessed correctly – it’s the kitchen!


Talking animation in KTC2

We’ve finally made some progress in Kamil the Cat 2! This time we’ve added talking animations, reaaaally improved normal animations, made a lot of changes to the message system and finished few more maps 🙂

Yes, the mouth graphic is a placeholder, Macron made it.

Cases – now with trophies!

New version of Cases just got released and it adds support of GameJolt’s trophy system to the game!

Yes, that means you can level up on GameJolt by resolving spooky mysteries of the town of Coleford.

Full changelog looks like this:

  • Trophy Update! Added support for GameJolt’s trophy system and 7 achievements (more coming!),
  • Made BlackCode logo at the beginning of the game much cooler,
  • Few small improvements.

Click here to download Cases for Windows!

Update for Cases

We’ve found the source code for Cases on Macron’s computer, so here you go – an update 🙂 It’s not anything actually new, we’ve just fixed a few things:

  • Removed chainsaw tool and changed overall tool mechanics a bit.
  • Few bugs fixed.
  • Console window finally hidden.

But if you haven’t checked out Cases yet, you should definetely do it, get it from it’s page on the top of the website 🙂

Macron is in for Ludum Dare 30!

I am in, alone,  for first time! This time I and kacperski1 want to work separately – we’re going to test our programming skills.

So yeah, I’m going to use:

  • SFML & OpenGL – maybe 3D? I don’t know.
  • Code::Blocks as my IDE.
  • GIMP to make graphics.
  • AUDACITY as my audio editor.

To look at my and kacperski1′s game developing progress, check our website.

Good luck at Jam!

kacperski1 is in for Ludum Dare 30!

Yes, another time the creators of The Unbelievable Adventures of Kamil the Cat, Kamil the Cat’s Unbelievable Party, Simplified, Cases and the upcoming Kamil the Cat 2 are in! And we are very modest, why would you even think that we’re not!?

But this time we have a planned a little challenge. I mean me and Macron.

We’ll create 2 separate games. Maybe even for the Compo instead of Jam, but it depends if 2 days are enough. Anyway, the tradition says that now I should write down what software are we going to use, so let’s do that:

  • Language – C++
  • Engine – SFML 2.1
  • Art – Photoshop, Inkscape, Paint (for placeholders)
  • Animation – Flash, Anime Studio
  • Sounds & Music – FL Studio, Audacity, SFXR

And other things: (this applies to me, I have no idea what Macron’s gonna listen to/eat/drink)

  • Listening to – System of a Down, Kontrust (using the best player available – AIMP3)
  • Eating – toasts, instant soups, some normal food for dinner
  • Drinking – Dr Pepper

Anyway, I’d like to say good luck to everyone participating in the 30th Ludum Dare 🙂